The Robe releases “Destroyer” & “The Handbook”

A press release generally contains a little snippet of background information about a song. Maybe it’s an anecdote about what inspired the lyrics, or a tale about why certain changes or instrumentation were chosen. These stories act as an enticement to the reader to click through and listen to the music being offered up – providing context for what lies on the other side. You still can’t embed music or video directly into an email (thankfully), so a press release is meant to lure you in. It can work very well! 

However, providing a background story or context to any creative endeavor will, inevitably, tint the lens through which the listener receives it. What do you do when ambiguity is the intention? 

Explaining lyrics, giving stories from the studio or laying out inspiration for a song can be fascinating indulgences but giving listeners the opportunity to form their own opinions can be an even better experience. Tho, a more difficult one to explain. 

I won’t tell you what these two new songs from The Robe mean because I don’t know. I could tell you what inspired the album art but I won’t because you can draw your own conclusions. I won’t break down the lyrics to either song (tho I have pored over both of them) because I don’t know what inspired them. 

What I can tell you is that The Robe continues to evolve their sound in a way that checks a lot of boxes for me. As someone on this mailing list, maybe that’s enough enticement to continue on this journey.

See you on the other side. Bandcamp / Streaming


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