The Robe releases “I Could Stay” / “The Last Dancer”

Two bits of excellent news today. First and foremost, The Robe has released two more brand new tracks – “I Could Stay” / “The Last Dancer.” Much like the previous releases – “Destroyer” / “The Handbook” and “It’s So Easy” / “Never Tear Me Apart” – there is no background story or about this song tale to tell you. It’s not that the songs don’t have meaning, it’s that it’s up to you to apply the meaning yourself. Simply give them a listen to discover it.

Long story short, in just three months we’ve been bestowed six new songs from The Robe. What did we do to deserve these treats? Ours is not to question why, ours is just to fully enjoy.

It’s available on Bandcamp and streaming everywhere.

The second dose of good news is that The Robe will be playing at The Blue Room here in Nashville on Friday, March 15th. The High Vibrations lineup put together by Leanne Merritt of Xposure is most excellent.

Tickets are available here. See you there.


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