Duct Tape and Dreams and Uncle Skeleton

Duct Tape and Dreams is a short film about the revival of the SFMOMA’s soapbox derby. Here’s a piece of the official excerpt:

After more than two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was time to bring art outside the museum’s walls. On April 10, 2022, SFMOMA revived the legendary artists’ soapbox derby — first organized by the museum in 1975 — and thousands of people lined the curving hill of McLaren Park’s Shelley Drive to watch the action unfold. Selected by invitation and an open call, more than 250 artists and fabricators collaborated on art-on-wheels to compete for thirty artist-designed trophies. The cars took numerous forms, including recognizable food items, animals, everyday objects, and tributes to our local landscape. All of them capture the spirit of radical joy that this event brought to our creative community and to the people of the San Francisco Bay Area.

It’s a delightful tale that follows a number of artists as they create and race their soapbox derby vehicles. It’s honestly not even that important that it’s in San Francisco or put on the SFMOMA, it’s just a very joyous expression of creativity and fun – a much needed reprieve in 2022.

How does this relate to yk Records? Well, the majority of the score is set to Uncle Skeleton tracks that you may know and love.

How did this come to pass? Well, directors Ian Watt and RJ Kosineski found Uncle Skeleton on the licensing service Musicbed and felt it was a great fit. According to this quote, they really liked it!

“Uncle Skeleton’s incredible sonic landscape perfectly captured the quirky and passionate display of community, art, and pure joy of the Soapbox Derby. In a way, it telegraphed the still-present thriving underground scene in an otherwise tech-overthrown San Francisco—weird, yet beautiful!”

– Director Ian Watt
Musicbed Awards, Spring Summer Selections

This isn’t an ad for Musicbed but we certainly appreciate when opportunities like this one come to pass that most definitely would not have otherwise. It is a great fit between music and story and hopefully you’ll give it a watch.

Once you’re done watching, here’s a playlist of Uncle Skeleton songs that were cited as used in the film. Enjoy them anytime!


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