Return of The Robe

The last few days I’ve been driving across the country from Nashville to Los Angeles. During one of the particularly long hauls through the night I put on these two brand new tracks from The Robe, aka Rollum Haas. The air was intensely foggy; intensifying every road sign and neon light that passed. “It’s So Easy” unfurled its atmospheric tones and deep bass before snapping into the absolutely transfixing dance beat, guitar flourishes and mesmerizing vocal lines. “Never Tear Me Apart” relaxed the tempo with its spacey expanses and plea for sleep. Suffice to say, it was the perfect soundtrack for the occasion and required repeat listens. 

While these songs work remarkably well for a road trip, they also hit the same spot on the dance floor, in your headphones or around the house. The Robe’s sound continues to evolve, adding layers of instrumentation and detail that reward an attentive listen. 

These are pop songs that infuse life from compositions that only The Robe could bring to life. I can’t wait for you to hear them.. over and over.

Get them on Bandcamp. Stream them anywhere. Save and share. 


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