Celebrating Five Years of Say I’m Pretty

It’s been five years since the release of Patrick Damphier’s debut solo album, Say I’m Pretty. To celebrate, Patrick put together a playlist of songs from the record sprinkled together with songs by artists that he personally adores.

Listen to the Odd Man Out playlist on Spotify. If you would like it on a different streaming service, drop a comment.

Back in 2019 when the record was originally released, there were a number of videos that went along with the record that are, absolutely, worth revisiting now.

“Pretend It” Official Video featuring Molly Parden
“Killers in the Closet” LIVE featuring Jessie Baylin
“Odd Man Out” LIVE featuring Molly Parden

All of these videos were shot by Joshua Shoemaker. The live performances both feature an all-star band behind Patrick, including Rollum Haas, Rodrigo Avendano, Charlie Shea, Todd Bolden and Molly Parden & Jessie Baylin where noted.

If you’ve not spent any time with Say I’m Pretty, there’s no better time than now. It’s available on Bandcamp and streaming everywhere else. Once you’ve fallen in love with that, you can also spend some time with the Say I’m Pretty Remixes. Treats all around you.


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