Introducing Roger Moutenot

The official press release for this one is below but allow me to gush a little bit. I knew Roger Moutenot from his work on Yo La Tengo records and, more specifically, from his work on They Might Be Giant’s Flood. Those two luminaries live large in my head but his body of work is vast. There’s no way you haven’t heard a record he’s worked on. By happenstance, his studio, Haptown, is up the street from YK headquarters. Occasionally on a walk around the neighborhood I’d see the front door cracked open and wonder what fantastic new record was being worked on inside. 

Roger Moutenot

Back in 2020 he mixed the Black Bra record. He also did a great deal of work on the Stone Jack Jones record Black Snake, as well as the Jack Silverman EP, Now What. We eventually struck up a friendship and he informed me that he was finishing up his solo record, his very first.

Quite frankly I was dumbstruck. Moutenot has been making records for no less than forty years but never managed to put out his own work? I couldn’t believe it but I was beyond enthusiastic to get involved.

On that note, I am overjoyed to present Microcosm, the debut solo record from Roger Moutenot. It’s approximately 25-minutes of instrumental soundscapes across 10 different tracks; each with their own identity but working together to weave an immersive and, quite frankly, fascinating journey.

There’s no waiting around for this one. It’s available in full on Bandcamp and all streaming services right now. Go give it a listen and let yourself soak in it. Headphones are great. Playing it loud is great. Sitting and actively listening to it is optimal but it works as a soundtrack to driving around or people watching on a busy corner.

Microcosm is just a tiny glimpse into the world of Roger Moutenot. The door is now open and we all get a chance to step inside.

Renowned Producer Roger Moutenot Debuts Solo Album: Microcosm

Nashville, TN – After decades of crafting sonic landscapes for renowned artists across genres, Roger Moutenot announces his debut solo album, Microcosm (yk Records, 2024). With a rich history in the recording industry, Moutenot’s musical journey unfolds through ten tracks that seamlessly weave together his vast experiences and newfound inspirations.

Moutenot’s engineering and production prowess spans the spectrum, touching on genres ranging from jazz to folk, rock to noise.While his credits include luminaries like Yo La Tengo, Sleater-Kinney, Lou Reed, and They Might Be Giants, his influence extends far beyond these iconic names.

In recent years, Moutenot explored composing film scores alongside longtime friends Robin Eaton and Jack Silverman. These partnerships opened up new avenues of sound, allowing Moutenot to break free from conventional structures. Reflecting on this evolution, he notes, “In all the years I’ve been writing, since the early days in my basement in ’74, I’ve been trying to write something that had intention yet felt effortless, Microcosm represents that to me.”

The album’s conception is a departure from Moutenot’s collaborative work, emerging from a period of introspection and creative solitude. The album’s genesis took shape within the confines of Moutenot’s Haptown studio, where an array of instruments and gear were at his fingertips. With the freedom to explore various sonic realms, Moutenot found his flow, piecing together tracks that began with drum patterns or chord structures, building layer upon layer.

The album’s tracks operate as individual movements within a larger musical narrative, fusing together the diverse influences that have shaped Moutenot’s remarkable career. Microcosm is a testament to his technical prowess and artistic vision, capturing the essence of his journey as a musician and producer. It signifies a new chapter, one that invites listeners to embark on an authentic sonic journey, as Moutenot delves into uncharted territories and welcomes them along for the ride.

Microcosm is set to release on Jan 25, 2024 (TODAY), and it promises to captivate both long-time fans and newcomers alike. For more information, visit and follow Roger Moutenot on Instagram, @rogermoutenot.


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