RSR434: Mastering Engineer John Baldwin, Jr

If you’re the type of person to read the liner notes, you may have noticed that two names pop up very regularly on many yk Records releases; Patrick Damphier and John Baldwin, Jr. Both have provided a great deal of assistance in mastering our catalog and now that you’ve seen their names, you won’t stop seeing them.

Patrick is primarily a recording artist (we released his wonderful full-length Say I’m Pretty and a remix EP!) and studio wizard. The fact that we’re getting his ears for mastering is a real special treat.

John Baldwin, Jr is part of a collective of mastering engineers called Infrasonic Sound. This crew of audio experts has an immense wealth of knowledge that, quite frankly, goes beyond my comprehension. Fortunately, full comprehension is not required to enjoy listening in on a conversation.

This episode of Recording Studio Rockstars features John Baldwin, Jr and two of his fellow Infrasonic engineers; Pete Lyman & Brandon Towles.

It’s not a deep dive into the technical process of how to master but it is an engaging conversation between a group of seasoned audio professionals geeking out with one another.

It goes without saying that John Baldwin, Jr is an incredibly talented individual and a downright delight to spend time with. He’s both strongly opinionated and dependably flexible at the same time. Any of his work on the yk catalog of works is top tier but I gotta say he turned it up a notch or three with The Mahaffey Sessions 1999; a record that was never officially released and had been sitting on DAT tapes in a closet for twenty-four years. Impressive he preserved and presented it so perfectly.

Long story short, good podcast! Go listen.


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