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Visitor is the debut full-length from Annie Williams. It’s far from her first foray into the world but it’s the first official collection of songs that felt ripe and ready for gathering together.

Chris Crofton’s writeup about the album refers to the the songs as “sacred and profane.” This excerpt is particularly perfect:

“I’m interested in the secular sacred – kindness, flowers, coffee, music, waterfalls, being of service – that sort of thing. If you get enough kindness and coffee in one place – for me, that’s church. Annie Williams takes you to that kind of church. These songs of hers are sacred spaces. Little universes, where, through the honesty of Annie’s voice, small subjects become large. In Annie’s world, a lost dog (“Midnight”), the movie “Thelma and Louise” (“Thelma”), a highway (“Hwy 287”) and love (“Oh My Love”) are all equally-worthy inspirations.”

Chris Crofton on Visitor

That phrase “small subjects become large” really gets me. Listening back to “Midnight” or “Getting Old” I am struck by the lyricism of pondering events that have happened to us all. Annie is able to transform those experiences into an emotional expression that is rare, to say the least. With other tracks, “Lover Like You” and “Oh My Love” come to mind, my heart breaks with Annie’s delicate songwriting and delivery are ethereal.

This is only the beginning for Annie Williams. I’ve heard the next album and it’s just as brilliant as Visitor (albeit different). Her ability to articulate the feelings of her own experiences or those of a character (see “Louise”) are extremely poignant and wonderfully immersive.

The album is available on limited edition jade colored vinyl, digital download and streaming everywhere. Do yourself a favor and get it into your ears as soon as possible.


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