Tower Defense unleash “Friendly Factions”

Today TOWER DEFENSE released their third single from the Tanglewood Compound recording sessions. These two new tracks continue a new, more prolific, era for the band.

The lead track, “Friendly Factions,” is a harmony laden, bass blasting, upbeat rocker with a catchy as hell chorus that will surely incite raising a clenched fist in solidarity as you sing along. Oh, and there’s a great new video for it too!

Tower Defense have always written about Nashville, politics and the strife that often exists between the two. For “Friendly Factions,” the lyrical inspiration is as epic as Cormac McCarthy’s The Road or P. D. James’ Children of Men. I’m positive the band would not want me citing those two well revered sources as it may color your experience in listening to it but there’s parallels there, no doubt. Bassist and vocalist Mike Shepherd says of the track:

When it came time to write lyrics, all I had was the chorus hook, “Approach the city at night.” So I started thinking about why that admonition would be important, and landed on a narrative about a small group of Nashvillians retreating to Memphis following the fall of the State Capitol. I was imagining a tattered leaflet with instructions for folks to make the trip using backroads, along with information about where resources could be found.

If you’re familiar with TN State politics, a song about the fall of the State Capitol sounds more like terrifying premonition than it does sci-fi. Feeling like a stranger in your own town, seeking like-minded compatriots, plays a part in the brand new video that’s out today as well.

The b-side is “U Got the Look,” a classic face melter by Jeff the Brotherhood, originally from their Heavy Days album. You can’t go wrong with a Jeff the Brotherhood cover.

Pick both songs up over on Bandcamp. We even setup bundles with a new t-shirt featuring the artwork of Ben Johnson. You can also stream them everywhere if that’s something you enjoy!

Tower Defense will also be playing at VINYL TAP here in Nashville on Saturday, April 20th as part of the Record Store Day festivities happening there.

Hope to see you there!


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