Record Store Day 2024 Recap

Per usual, The Nashville Scene provided a great deal of coverage for Record Store Day activities across the whole city for the 2024 festivities. In particular, they captured performances from The Groove and Vinyl Tap, extensively.

This 2024 Recap piece from them features so many incredible photos and summaries of the performances that it goes without saying it’s worth a read. They were kind enough to make special note of the Tower Defense performance at Vinyl Tap, saying:

Rock stalwarts Tower Defense, meanwhile, practically blew the windows out with tunes from across their post-punk-inspired catalog, including their newest single “Friendly Factions.” Their music continues to be a sterling example of how growing older and feeling more responsibility, both personal and civic, doesn’t mean you have to stop rocking — in fact, that’s one of the best ways to cope with the anxiety and reach out to others. 

“In Nashville sometimes and Tennessee especially, it can feel hard to feel like you’re at home sometimes, so watch out for your neighbors, keep your loved ones close — those that might be targeted by, I don’t know, the state legislature,” said singer-bassist Mike Shepherd. “This is our town, and they can’t take it.”

I don’t want to overstate how great of a review this is but it does summarize many of the feelings expressed in literal Tower Defense songs. Go listen to “Schools” or “Friendly Factions” to hear the band blast out songs about being relevant and feeling upheaval at our local politics, respectively.

All that is to say, many thanks to The Scene and photographer Steve Cross for capturing such a wonderful weekend. Hopefully more YK artists get invited back next year.


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