General Trust, 2023

General Trust is the pseudonym of Jay Leo Phillips; a musician best known to me for his work as the vocalist and guitarist for the post-punk band Apollo Up! However, he also had a stint in Forget Cassettes, as well as And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead. He’s performed as CHARGES, he’s drummed for The Prudish Few, he’s released solo material under his own name and he’s an excellent follow on Bluesky.

All that is to say, when JLP had a new project that he wanted to release via YK, I was all ears. General Trust is an intentional undertaking of independence. Being able to write and record at his home studio Haus des Handschuhs II has been advantageous to say the least but playing live has always been hampered by impracticalities. One goal of the project was to embrace self-sufficiency; eschewing any outside dependencies.

Additionally, and far more importantly, it’s a new aural direction that embraces sequencing, heavy synth and gloomy vibes.. while somehow still integrating his guitar work from previous bands. Unsurprisingly, it’s a unique concoction of his experiences being applied to a genre that embraces a dash of drama and a flair for leaning in. To say the least, it works.

All told, the new endeavor released seven songs in 2023; each providing a unique take and direction. You can get them all on Bandcamp or streaming – or just enjoy the embed above.

2024 holds much promise for General Trust. More songs will assuredly be released. New videos are in the works and live shows in abundance will take place. Follow @general_trust on Instagram, keep an eye out on Twitch and keep your ears peeled for more tracks; there will be plenty more.


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