The Medium, 2023

From the outside, 2023 was a quiet year for The Medium. Following up on their 2022 release, For Horses, they released a single for “She’s Got It” / “Moon Rocks” in 2023 – just two songs. However, those two songs may be the best they’ve put out into the world.

The lead track is mellow but gallops along. It’s psychedelic, it’s introspective, sweet and entirely catchy. I’m biased but it’s been in my heavy rotation all year. The b-side is equally as interesting, possibly moreso as it is an ode to a house plant.

There were some lineup changes with the band during the year but they still managed to hit the road with Future Crib for a long slew of dates. Frontman Shane Perry also released his own second solo album Frown Town 2 (not on YK but still well worth a listen!) and contributed to Country Death’s debut, Meat Bingo.

Pick up the single over on Bandcamp or streaming on your favorite streamer.


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